studio in:so 

shape of the wind : cyprus : competition entry : honourable mention : 2017

Coastline is a place fluctuating between the sea, the land and the wind. The great forces of nature are constantly shaping landscape. Through the watchtower, the presence of the passing winds is made physical, the vast ocean is framed and the ephemeral emotion captured.

Textiles with different transparency and directions hang between the vertical components of a skeleton structure. Three levels of public-interior are created. A spiral staircase leads the visitors through a slightly dim enclosure up to the bright platform. Absorbing the forces of the winds, the textiles continuously frame and interrupt the gaze towards the sea. As if on a boat floating between the waves, visitors are confronted with the natural forces that made the landscape so sublime. The softness of the textiles contrasts with the rigidness of the construction. They refer to the two-foldness of art, as according to Arthur Rimbaud, the ‘immovable’ and the ‘transient’.