Studio inso is an architecture practice founded by Li Lin and Liang Song in Berlin.
The scope of our practice ranges from furniture to architecture and urbanism.  

Li Lin   M.Sc. Arch

registered Architect in Architektenkammer Berlin
graduated from RWTH Aachen, worked in Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin
currently working as academic assistant at the chair of Prof. Jan Kampshoff at TU Berlin

Liang Song   M.Sc. Arch

registered Architect in Architektenkammer Berlin 
registered Architect in Bureau Architectenregister, the Netherlands
graduated from TU Delft, worked in Zürich, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Berlin
11.2021 - 07.2022 worked as academic assistant at the Architecture Faculty of BTU Cottbus
since 10.2022 works as academic assistant at TU Berlin at the chair Bau- und Stadtbaugeschichte

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Park City Garden Room, Europan 16, DE Wernigerode, 2021

Flanuer and Encounter, Europan 15, NL Rotterdam, 2019

2nd prize
Lakeside Bookstore and Gallery, Chengdu, open competition, 2018

3rd prize
Presence of Light, light house, Cyprus, open competition, 2018

honourable mention
Shape of the Wind, watch tower, Cyprus, open competition, 2017

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