studio in:so 

piscina mirabilis : naples (IT) : competition entry : 2020

In this proposal a garden is introduced in the center of the existing structure. The green and open area works as the counterpart of the heroic interior of the cistern. It allows visitors to experience the structure in a different atmosphere, under the sunlight and surrounded by plants. Art installations and sculptures will also be displayed in the garden. Art works, plants, the raw structure, natural light and fresh air offer a symphonic experience that is pleasant and slightly uncanny.

Through the garden light enters into the interior. The aqueducts and pipes connect this construction to the mountains far away, and the garden connects it to its immediate environment.

If the dark, heavy, columned space of the cistern renders an atmosphere of a world sunk underground, half forgotten, then the opened up space in its center offers us a glimpse into the Garden of Earthly Delight. When wandering between these two spaces, one experiences the contrast and contradiction between the living and the decay, which we believe remains an important theme for art works of any type and era.