Park City Garden Room

Wernigerode, Germany
Europan 16 competition entry 2021

The old Gartenstadt is nice, almost cute. It is an example par excellence of how to maintain an identity and equality while maximising the privatisation of land. It is extremely stable, on terms of both its social and physical structure.

But this does not mean that it is not subject to change. Environmental crisis, global pandemic and the shift of social structure all demand changes. The problems and opportunities are no longer to be shut out of the garden fence. The density will rise which means more shared outdoor space should be provided. The demand of various services and infrastructure will rise, as well as the space for communication and community activities.

Metabolism means to be more inclusive.

We propose for this site a slow but steady shift, from the model of the Gartenstadt system to a more dynamic and inclusive Park City. A Park City with housing for different age groups and social status, with more shared space indoor and outdoor, with stronger connection to the city and cultural life, with the adaptability to future oriented infrastructure and life style.