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The Fragments of Roundness

Seminar SoSe 2023
Fachgebiet Bau- und Stadtbaugeschichte
Technische Universität Berlin
Degree program: BAA, MAA, MAAT
Modul: SE Baugeschichte – Episoden, Phänomene, Konsequenzen
Instructor: Liang Song M.Sc.

"Every being seems in itself round." wrote Karl Jaspers.

In this seminar, we will study buildings and urban artifacts which are related to a particular form: roundness.

Through observation, case study, research, analysis and reflection, we will be on a journey to seek our own answers to the questions: How do we define the fragments of roundness? How does it contribute to the spacial quality on both urban and architectural scale? What are its impacts on everyday use? How does it influence our perception?

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